Quick Tip: Blogger iPhone Icon

When you save hackaddict as a webicon on your iPhone homescreen the hackaddict pill is saved as the icon (instead of a screenshot of the site).

To have your blog save a custom icon follow these steps:
  1. Load up your favorite image editing software and create a PNG file 57 x 57 pixels. (You do not need to round the corners or put the gradient on it - iPhones do this automatically).
  2. Name the file "apple-touch-icon.png"
  3. Save your custom icon to a webserver that you can link to (I have a dreamhost account, but you can upload it to sites like divshare for free and link to it).
  4. Put the following code in between the "head" tags of your blog:
Congratulations! You are now the envy of your blogging friends with your brand new blog iPhone icon!

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