Tip: Send Notes to Your Mobile Phone More Easily

There are lots of times when I want to send myself a snippet of info to my phone, like an address, someone's phone number, or a reminder. I have a hard time remembering by mms address, though, so I created a gmail filter to forward messages to my phone. This is nice because I can give it to my friends, too, and tell them to just email my.email+m@gmail.com to send a message directly to my phone when they don't have my number or their cell phone handy.

Here's what I did:

In gmail, go to Settings > Filters > Create a new filter.

In the To: field, enter your gmail address with a +m (or whatever) before the @ sign.

Click Next step, and choose the following options:
Forward to: your sms/mms address
Apply the label: mobile (this is optional)
Skip the inbox (also up to you)

Save the filter.

Your mms address consists of your folder @ one of the domain names listed below, depending on your provider:


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