Tutorial: Incrementaly Overclock your Mobile Phone

Incremental overclocking can be a HUGE app booster as a well a HUGE battery saver. When your phone isn't busy it clocks itselft down way lower than it's normal speed, and when it needs it a cpu boost is delivered to get those applications loaded a bit quicker.

To overclock your windows mobile phone you need:

*omap overclocker
*batterystatus plus - this guy is badass, click here to donate to him
*i have no idea which phones are supported, please list phones that you try in the comments

Here is a zip of both.

Omap clocker:
Drag the .exe somewhere onto your phone (I put mine in the \windows\program files). That's it!

Configuring batterstatus plus:
  1. Settings>Today>BatteryStatus - click options on the right hand side
  2. Go to the Omap tab and make sure "overclock to speed" is checked. I also check "overlcok on wakeup" and "overclock after reboot"
  3. go to the cpu scaler tab.
    1. Min=81mhz
    2. Org=195mhz
    3. Max=221mhz (can safely go up to 231 but i keep it there to conserve batteries)
    4. Boost=234mhz (can safely go up to 286 but i keep it there to conserve batteries)
I highly recommend installing batter Status Plus even if you can't overclock your phone b/c it has a lot of other great options.

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