Tutorial: Automount a Samba Drive when at Certain Locations ie Home

I have a lot of digital music and movies. In fact, it's at the point where I decided that I needed a home a media server because my external hard drive was just not cutting it anymore. I decided to build a Linux box running Xubuntu because of the versatility and stability Linux provides, and I found a how to article a few weeks back on Digg which outlined the entire process.

After the server was up and running I decided that I wanted my computer to auto-mount my Samba drive whenever I was at home. Using a combination of an AppleScript saved as an application and a free software for OS X, Home Zone, I was able to have my computer identify when I'm at home and only launch my Samba drive when I'm here.

Let's get started:

The first thing I did was searched Google and found an AppleScript to mount my Samba drive. It can be downloaded as a .txt here (I can't paste it into blogger b/c of errors).

After I replaced the server information with my own I saved the script as an application and dropped it into my applications folder. If I had a desktop I could just launch the script every time I booted my computer (system preferences -> accounts -> login items), but since I have a laptop I only wanted the drive to mount when I was at home where the drive is.

There are several free location automators for OS X and after trying a few I decided to use Home Zone because it was the easiest to configure:
  1. Install and launch Home Zone
  2. Click on the Home Zone icon in your menu bar and select "Configure"
  3. In the "Zones" section click the plus arrow and name your new zone (Home in my case).
  4. In the "Triggers" section click the plus arrow and select the following options:
    • When "all" of the following are available
    • Kind: "Airport Network"
    • Network: "Your wireless Network Name"
    • Check the "Only when connected" box
  5. In the "Actions - Entering the Zone" section click the plus arrow. Use the following configuration:
    • Action: Open File
    • Drag the Samba mounting AppleScript into the space right below the action pull down menu (it should say "Drag any file here")

That's it...you're done! Now anytime you are on your home network your samba drive will automount.

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